2015 Program Advisors

We appreciate our program advisors for their valuable input and advice for the Digital Journalism World 2015. As leaders in their respective fields and work domains, the program is carefully crafted and agenda will reflect the current state of industry and its strategic deliberations and posture.   

Robert Bole


Robert Bole, Director of Innovation at the Broadcasting Board of Governors

Robert Bole is the Director of Innovation at the Broadcasting Board of Governors, as US federal agency. He works with technology to improve US international media news and information.

The office he leads looks for the best solutions to the biggest problems in creating, distributing and improving news and information in global news markets. His job is to find those journalists most able to apply innovation in digital media and get them what they need to implement. He spends extra focus on opportunities that engage and catalyze audiences to participate in the improvement of BBG’s journalism. 

He oversees teams that drive mobile, next generation storytelling, audio/video for emerging platforms and digital syndication.

James Neufeld

James Neufeld, CEO and Founder of SAM

James is the CEO & Co-Founder of SAM, a startup that’s building the Social Asset Management platform for News and Media Professionals. Prior to starting SAM, James served as a creative technologist disguised in marketing and product exec roles for some of the most innovative broadcast and media tech companies around the world.

James is a driving force behind modernizing legacy infrastructures. He serves on several industry committees and is build his company to empower people of an industry that is courageous enough to reinvent itself.


Nicolas Kayser-Bril, CEO & Founder of Journalism ++

Nicolas Kayser-Bril, is CEO and co-founder of Journalism++, a company that tells data-driven stories. Before founding Journalism++ in late 2011, Nicolas was in charge of datajournalism at OWNI, where he led several experiments in crowdsourced data gathering. A self-taught programmer and journalist, Nicolas holds a degree in Media Economics.

He is regularly invited to international conferences and events to evangelize about data-driven journalism. He also trains journalists to data science and datajournalism. He led workshops and trainings in France, Belgium, Bosnia, Senegal and Tunisia.