Dates            11 – 12 May 2015

Place            One Farrer hotel & spa, singapore

                      grand ballroom

This is the 2nd edition of Asia’s most important news media conference. It is a premier gathering of news publishers, editors, journalists, content producers, news page designers, publishers, social media practitioners, technology providers and senior management who share their passion and who provide revolutionary insights and valuable experiences in digital storytelling.

A highly successful and well received conference, DJW15 will provide you with a high value program, top notch globally respected speakers and industry experts who will gladly share with you their revelations and insights together with practical road-maps they have found to be effective and given them success. Both onstage and offstage, we invite you to join us and meet with some of the industry’s best minds and leading voices.

This year, we will explore deeper into the emerging new tools and technology which is set to change the practice of journalism. We are pleased to present these exciting themes below and feature the industry’s hottest issues to enable you to stay much ahead of the curve.

Hottest topics and most pressing issues:

  • Key trends - Wearable tech, sensors, smart watches and glasses in journalism
  • The potential of augmented reality, virtual reality and robots for a more immersive story telling experience for our audience
  • Robot journalism
  • Social sharing and publishing, promoting news and making news go viral
  • Instagram’s use and impact in journalism
  • Data stories and story mining intelligence
  • Open source intelligence
  • Crimes, crises and emergency reporting data stories
  • Data science in the newsroom
  • Measuring audience engagement and performance of your content
  • Using Linkedin, Twitter, Google ad YouTube for stories and news reporting
  • Newsroom social strategies
  • Multi-platform and multi-purpose storytelling
  • Adaptive journalism and device first strategies
  • Predictive data and curation
  • Data visualization and infographics illustrations
  • Data and maps in news, navigating through the data sets and making sense of the stories
  • Storytelling on screens – mobiles and tablets news production
  • Mobile video production strategies and
  • Interactive visualization
  • Affordable tools for storytelling and news
  • Newsroom security, privacy and media asset protection and management
  • Smarter revenue models from mobiles and tablets, new monetizing opportunities from new technology and platforms
  • Engaging younger audiences and consumers
  • Going native and other business strategies
  • Data Monetization
  • Learning from successful media start-ups and what they do
  • Creative product development strategies
  • Future of journalism – Building up on the relationship dynamics amongst publishers, agencies, advertisers and audience  

This summit will feature many strategic presentations, practical roadmaps sessions, useful toolbox of ideas and techniques, keynote & industry talking point panels, relevant case studies & lessons learnt and workshop sessions for specific focus topics.



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