a Premier Gathering of Journalists, Editorial and News Production Teams and Publishers

As Asia’s most comprehensive and highly respected news media summit, we invite you to attend and connect with the industry’s leaders and achievers. Our program is specifically crafted with you in mind to profit your area of work.

The agenda comprises of strategic and practical sessions presented by a carefully selected panel of speakers who have the most relevant experience in these areas.

Our past events have been well received and well attended by the most senior leaders and professionals in the news and digital media sector, including these profiles:

  • CEOs, Managing Director and Founders
  • Online Editors and Digital Journalists
  • New Media & Social Media Directors & Associates
  • News Designers
  • Digital & Innovation Directors
  • VP of Digital Strategies
  • Creative Directors
  • Head of Technology
  • Business Development Directors

If you are in the news and digital media publishing business, this summit is a must-attend event. By attending, you will be updated on the latest developments and industry knowledge.  Our conferences are inspiring, interesting and impactful. Together, we hope to positively influence and shape the exciting directions the industry is taking.

We look forward to meeting you in this exciting summit. For more information on the event, please e-mail us at info@asher-russell.com.